Inglis Hydropower project, Inglis Florida
developed by Inglis Hydropower, LLC
a Florida company

    Inglis bypass spillway from downstream                        Inglis bypass spillway from upstream

Inglis Hydropower, LLC is evaluating the development of a 2000 kW hydropower project on the Withlacoochee River near Inglis, Florida. The existing dam project is named the Inglis Dam. The site for this power project is on the north side of the Inglis bypass channel spillway. We are designing this project to minimize any negative impacts to the river. We will be looking for input from interested people in the area and hope to form a committee to help us develop the power in the river without causing negative impacts.

We submitted to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) a Preliminary Permit Application. A preliminary permit preserves the right of the permit holder to have the first priority in applying for a license for the project being studied. A preliminary permit, which typically is for three years, does not authorize construction and requires the holder of the permit to file progress reports with the Commission on a regular basis.  On July 25, 2007 we received a preliminary permit.  On January 25, 2008 we sent out a letter describing the project and requesting comments.  On June 10, 2008 we submitted the pre-application document along with our notice of intent to file a license application and our request to use the traditional licensing process.  On August 6, 2008 the FERC granted our request to use the traditional licensing process.  We held a joint public meeting on September 30, 2008.  Agencies, tribes and other interested persons have until November 30, 2008 to submit their comments before we can submit our Draft License Application.  On December 29, 2008 we submitted the Draft License Application to the agencies, tribes, FERC and other interested persons.  Agencies, tribes and other interested persons have until March 29, 2009 to submit their coments.

The two members of Inglis Hydropower, LLC also are involved in several other hydropower projects under the name of Piedmont Hydropower, LLC.

Project Technical Information:
            The history of the site.
            The description of the project
            Frequently asked questions

Project filings with the FERC:
           Preliminary permit application
            FERC notice of the preliminary permit application
            Guide to FERC preliminary permits
            FERC issued preliminary permit 7/25/07
            FERC notice denying Hy Powers request for intervention
            Pre-application Document, TLP request, Notice of Intent
            Minutes of Joint meeting held on September 30, 2008 at the Inglis Community Center
            Draft License application
            License application as filed July 14, 2009
Project benefits:
            Renewable power production
            Increase in flow in the lower Withlacoochee river
            Ability to draw down Lake Rousseau for weed control
            Jobs and taxes in the area

Press releases:

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